Toxic is here!

Jan 8, 2014
Kansas, USA
Hello fellow players,

I am Toxic, and I really enjoy playing video games. I am a married man, with my first son on the way. I only have about 4 more months till he is in this world. I have a lot of free time during the night time, so the only time you will see me on during the day is when I am not working (Tuesday's and Friday's). I can't wait to meet more players and get to hang with them on the server!


Staff member
A3 Team Officer
A3 Team Member
Nov 20, 2013
Portage, MI.
Welcome aboard, @Toxicblood5 ! MG is still in "relaunch mode," but we have a lot planned for this year.

I have a 13 year old son, myself. Speaking from experience, those free nights may not be so free for much longer. :)

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