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What Are Channels?

A “channel” is a chat room, or topic, where people can connect and communicate via text (typing), voice, or even video. There are countless channels across the Matrix decentralized chat network.  These examples are the official channels MG Staff & Veterans participate in.

While there are certain channels hosted on MG’s Matrix server that are only accessible to users with an “” Matrix ID, most of our channels are available across the entire Matrix decentralized network. So whether you have an or ID, everyone can join in.

Our official channels on Matrix

Official MG Space


A “Space” is a collection of text, video, and voice rooms grouped together. If you’re a Discord or Guilded user, you can think of these as “Servers” in Matrix (but not exactly). It’s merely an collection containing other channels, and even other spaces.  The “official MG space” is a collection of our MG Staff and Veteran moderated rooms.

Remember, Matrix’s decentralized network of homeservers host thousands of channels and communities. You’ll find more than just MG on there. We encourage you to browse around.

The channels below are included in the official space.

General Chat


This is a general chat room for just about any topic, not necessarily about games.



Trying to use Matrix and don’t understand how it all works? Need help with a game? Perhaps some hardware is acting up and you’re not sure what to do? Maybe you want advice on a new PC gaming rig? This channel hosts a wealth of informed individuals with knowledge of such things. In other words, ask for help here.



This is what we’re here for!  Discussions about a wide variety of gaming topics are here.  New games, old games, bad games, & great games.  While there are channels specific to individual games, this is the place for general game topics.

Game Rooms


There are channels for specific games too! The Game Rooms “Space” is a collection of MG moderated rooms focused on one game or collection of games. If you don’t see your game listed, contact an MG moderator in the Support channel and ask to have it added. This space has new channels added frequently.  So, we won’t list all of them here, but here’s some examples:  Arma 3, Arma Reforger, Minecraft, PalWorld, Rimworld, & Star Citizen.



Discuss your rig! GPUs, CPUs, storage, motherboard, cases, consoles, and everything else gaming is discussed here. If you’re experiencing issues with your gaming rig, this just might be the place to ask, too. Knowledgeable people from different hardware backgrounds participate here.  Just… no “PC versus Console” debates here.



This channel is Luzahan’s fault. Random videos, GIFs, links to music, memes, and other general randomness are encouraged here.  If anything it keeps the clutter out of the other channels …. right?