About MultiplayerGamers



When did this crazy train start?

1995. Yes. Some of us are THAT old! MultiplayerGamers (MG) started in 1995 under a very different name with a very different purpose. We were a local LAN Party gaming group of about 20 members that had access to a location with screaming fast (at the time) bandwidth to the Internet. Our group played mainly FPS games like Quake (the original, and the sequels), modded Quake, Half-Life, Doom, and others.  Our group met every 4 weeks or so and utilized that Internet connection to play with (and against) other groups. It made sense to expand our little group into more of a full gaming community.  MG was born.

Who started MG?

The group is the brainchild of Funar, MG’s humble founder and caretaker. However, MG is more than one person. It’s a community of gamers for gaming. The community only exists due to the bond of good friends, and a open-arms welcoming of new gamers into the fold.

What games do you play?

How much time do you have to read this page?  Here’s just some of the games we play, in no particular order: Doom, Half-Life 2, Minecraft (modded), Arma 3, Arma Reforger, Tom Clancy Games, American Truck Simulator, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Satisfactory, Forza, HELLDIVERS 2, TerraTech, Homeworld, Quake, 7 Days to Die, Silica, Euro Truck Simulator, Age of Empires, Destiny 2, No Man’s Sky, DIRT, Empyrion, Grand Theft Auto V, Tabletop Simulator,

…and so, so, so many more.

What’s with the “smack talkin'” thing?

Smack Talkin’ isn’t being rude, insulting, nasty, or otherwise undesirable. It’s nailing that headshot against a friend clear across the map and having a kind-hearted celebration their expense. It’s also getting schooled by another buddy during that celebration and getting a little back what you give. It’s camaraderie. It’s friends being friends and having a good time. It’s fun. Most of all, it’s not personal, it’s not a real life attack, or meant in any way truly negative.

Where are we heading?

Know what? We have no idea. We’ve been around for decades. We’ve made some life-long friends along the way. It’s our plan to keep this train rolling until the wheels fall off.  Maybe one day we’ll grow up and stop being gamers ….. nah!

Can Anyone Join?

Do you like playing multiplayer (or even single-player) games? Do you like talking about games? Have you ever seen a game? Absolutely! Join us anytime by creating an account on our forums or joining us in our chat rooms on Matrix.  All are welcome.

Just some of our antics

Everyone is welcome to join us! Just visit our Forums and Chat!