Question in regards to your guys arma 3 zues.

John Bastille

New Member
Jun 17, 2016
I have a question in regards to your guys zues. I am a zues operator with a small milsim group and have watched your guys videos for a few months now. In the modules section of the zues menu you have MG Explosions as well as other MG modules. I was wondering how you ended up getting them, whether it be a custom script or if it is a mod of some kind. I also noticed the MG Explosions is using the Ares icon. However I have found no such aspect within ares itself.


Staff member
A3 Team Officer
A3 Team Member
Nov 20, 2013
Michigan, USA
The ARES-icon modules are just simple ARES Extensions that spawn the A3 object for that particular explosion. It does the same damage as if someone fired the weapon, but the shell doesn't really exist.

The other MG-modules are all custom and a part of our team's modset.

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