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At MG we take security very seriously. As such, we've recently made it possible to enable two-factor authentication on your account.
We now support sending notifications to your cell phone, Chrome Web, and other devices via Pushover! If you've never heard of Pushover, check out their website here.

To manage your notifications, first register on Pushover. Once you have a Pushover user key, head on over to your user profile page here on MG and enter the key in your External Accounts. Once done, any alerts you have configured here on MG will automatically be sent to the devices you want.
We've upgraded the forums to version 1.3.2. Besides bugfixes, wthere have been significant changes in the social media options of the site. Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is much tighter and easier to use.
If you currently play on one of the MG Minecraft servers, please be sure your Minecraft in-game name (IGN) is in your MultiplayerGamers.com profile. You'll find this field in your Contact Details here:

The field looks like this:
We've recently upgraded our forums to the latest version of Xenforo (the engine behind what you see here). As always, please report any issues you may experience.
In addition to YouTube, we now have an official Twitch.tv Channel!

We are just ramping up our live streaming, but expect to see streams from all of the MG staff on the official channel in addition to their own personal channels.

You can find us by clicking the "Streams" link in the navigation bar at the top of this site, or directly on Twitch.tv here: http://www.twitch.tv/multiplayergamers

Videos from Twitch.tv will also appear on YouTube on our usual channel:
Recently, Unfair gave MG permission to invite the members of his web community to MG through his own forums. A big Thank You for that, and a welcome to Unfair HQ members!

Unfair HQ is the web site and forums maintained by Unfair (the person). Unfair hosts a popular YouTube and Twitch channel where he, and occasionally friends, play all sorts of both single and multiplayer/online games from a variety of genres. Unfair is a mature, witty, personable host, and a lot of fun to watch. He frequently streams both popular and rarely heard of games (some of which are hidden gems that have been added to Funar's own personal library all because of Unfair). You'll find games such as League of Legends, DC Universe, Battlefield 4, Minecraft, point and click series such as Beyond: Two Souls, The Wolf Among Us, and more recently Xbox One games like Ryse: Son of Rome.

Unfair's YouTube videos and live streams cover PC gaming, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Xbox One. We highly recommend checking his channels out (links below). Tell 'em MG sent you. You'll be entertained.

Unfair References:
Unfair HQ Forums
YouTube Channel
Twitch Channel (via MG's Streams)
It's hard to believe that multiplayergamers.com is a whopping 13 years old (seriously?!). This site was born December 20, 2000 after the domain it started on no longer fit the content that was being published (anyone remember a certain LAN party site?). This site was hopping! We had tens of thousands of views daily, which was a lot for its time. MG was a community of gamers, and of friends. Many of these friends went from being web site buddies and gaming partners in crime to real-life best friends, and even a couple of married couples!

image: multiplayergamers.com around 2006-2007

Alas, MG went through dozens of changes, and ultimately fast-forward about 8 years later, MG was a shell of it's former self. I suppose you could attribute that to the fact that many of the original MG'ers got married (or divorced), had kids, changed jobs and moved, or simply faded away. MG's core team has kept in contact with one another over the years and hoped to one day bring this site back online, but the aforementioned life changes prevented it previously. Well, here we are once again, and back stronger than ever.

I personally welcome you to the NEW MultiplayerGamers.com - old MG'ers and new friends we have yet to meet. We're in it for the community. We're in it for the games.