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Discussion in 'Arma 3' started by Funar, Mar 5, 2014.

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    MG now has our own private Arma 3 server reserved for both impromptu and regularly-scheduled campaigns. As such, we are looking to expand our core group. This is an "all call" for mature, like-minded individuals to express their interest in joining.

    This post pertains to the MG Arma 3 Community only.

    What We're NOT Looking For
    Firstly, if you favorite game is Call of Duty or Battlefield, and your philosophy for playing a campaign goes something like: "run around, shoot everything that moves, die, respawn, run around, shoot everything that moves, die, respawn, etc..." you're probably NOT what we're looking for, nor would you get enjoyment out of playing the kinds of campaigns we do.

    Secondly, we're not looking for people with something to prove. Check your ego at the door. We don't want any of it.

    Who WE Are (The Arma3 Core Group) & What We're Looking For
    We are a group of serious gamers. Above all, we're serious about comradely, friendship, and commitment to the group..

    Our community is important to us. Sure, you can join any Arma 3 community. There are more of them popping up all the time. They all have web sites and/or forums. They all play together from time to time. However, if you're looking to be a part of something more, then look no further. Our focus is on building a sense of community that goes beyond the web and playing the game. Any community can have a large group of members. We have a strong belief in putting quality of the community over its size. We are not interested in accumulating members for the sake of expanding.

    Maturity and a sense of teamwork combined with integrity is what we're looking for. We have high standards, and look for members who share our philosophy. Active community participation is a must. Our community only becomes stronger because of it, and in turn, its members reap the benefits.

    Arma 3 skill is unimportant. Skills can be taught (and learned). A willingness to learn new things is a major advantage in our community. Our goal is to immerse ourselves in tactical gameplay following military standards without the military bootcamp. Gameplay can be intense, but also probably the most fun you've had in a virtual combat situation when you're with others playing real tactics.

    Leave your drama at home. If your actions on the battlefield or in the community discussions and forums are deemed less than desirable by the group, you should expect to be asked to leave.

    Absolute Requirements
    • Interested parties should be 18 years of age or older. No exceptions - sorry!
    • You must own a legitimate copy of Arma 3 (Steam or Retail)
    • A headset or microphone connected to your computer
    • Teamspeak
    • Familiar with or willing to learn using Google Hangouts
    So... did you make it this far and aren't scared off? We just might be what you're looking for. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following subject line:

    [MG Arma3] Your Name, Forum Name, Age

    [MG Arma3] John Smith, SomeDude, 23​

    In your e-mail, tell us a little bit about yourself. What interests you in joining the team? What's your experience in Gaming, Arma, and more? This is a free-form e-mail, but be as detailed as you deem necessary.

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