Signs You're a Grown-Up Gamer

Discussion in 'News' started by Funar, Jan 20, 2014.

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By Funar on Jan 20, 2014 at 11:35 PM
  1. Funar

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    So, I'm old...

    I'm discovering that being in my twenties thirties forties has certain things that come with it. I find myself reminiscing over the past, and thinking about the future in ways I used to look at others at this age half my life ago.

    In the context of gaming, which is what you're here for, I remember when seeing the "Awesome 16-bit Graphics" of the Sega Genesis hit the market and thinking that it couldn't possible get any better than that. I mean, this thing was a huge upgrade from my Nintendo and light years ahead of my Atari 2600.

    Likewise, I remember playing "Wolfenstein 3D" on my trusty Tandy 80386 with no sound card and feeling totally immersed in the world that was presented before me. I remember thinking to myself that it would take some kind of super computer to allow me to be shooting at another person instead of the monster-nazi-zombie things, but the dream and the hope was there.

    These things give me perspective. What new gamers take for granted still "wow's" me. I'm still amazed to be on a server with a hundred or more other people in a game like ARMA 3, because for me, it started with Wolfenstein and a dream. So, with these couple things in context, and with IGN's recent article "23 Signs You're a Grown-Up Gamer" I've come up with my own list:
    Signs You're a Grown-Up Gamer:
    1. You think of the cost of an Xbox One/PlayStation 4 in terms of "hours worked."
    2. Your computer is more than 7 years old, but this year's tax return is going to buy you a new one - and you mean it this time!
    3. You bought 5 new games from the Steam Summer Sale. It's now Spring and you still haven't played any of them.
    4. You remember paying a single token for an Arcade game.
    5. You remember Arcades!
    6. You still have redemption tickets for an arcade that closed 10 years ago.
    7. You remember the Konami code.
    8. You STILL try using the Konami code.
    9. You still have a shoebox of old DOS games that won't play on even your 7 year old computer (check out Dosbox!)
    10. Console controllers - one button and a 4-direction joystick was enough for everyone.
    If you're in the same age category as me, take solace in knowing that being "Grown-Up" doesn't mean you necessarily have to "Grow-Out" of gaming. Technology advances, color depth, level of detail, resolution and frame-rate get bigger, sound gets more lifelike, and the line between gaming and cinema blurs, but gamers are forever. Bring on the next generation of technology!

    So, this is my little list. What are some of yours?


Discussion in 'News' started by Funar, Jan 20, 2014.

    1. Toxicblood5
      Granted I am about to be 21. Now I know that most people your age will tell me "Still" that I know nothing of the games back then. But honestly I can tell you right now, my whole family were gamers and we would set there and play all the Atari games and handheld games they got when they were younger. I really enjoyed the old arcade Mortal Kombat, not to mention me and my best friend non stop played Wolfenstein, even to this day we still do. I will forever love the older games and will still play old or new.
    2. Funar
      I grew up with the games, but I can fully respect the appreciate of gaming's origins. That's great to hear about your "gaming family!"
    3. KlinK
      Number 3. I tend to do that all the time.

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