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Discussion in 'Arma 3' started by Funar, Feb 10, 2015.

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    Server Address:

    To connect to the server, you will need to install a few addons. The easiest way to do this is via our custom Play withSix repository: pws://

    Note: At the present time, we are not running any addons on the public server. You may simply find it in the Arma 3 server browser or connect using the server address above.

    Server Rules:
    1. The server is not always on-line. We may, on rare occasions, shutdown the server for official MG games.
    2. Never argue with the server Admin or MG Staff in-game. If you'd like to have a sensible discussion, use the functions of this web site to do so.
    3. Absolutely NO hacking, cheating, or other shenanigans.
    4. If another player is breaking the rules, it does not give YOU permission to break the rules. Take no action other than reporting them.
    5. All kicks, bans, or other punishment is at the discretion of the Admins and Staff.
    6. Absolutely no vulgar language or racism is allowed.
    7. No trolling.
    8. No team-killing. Accidents happen. Intentional team-killing will result in a ban.
    9. No spawn-camping or other methods of griefing.
    10. Do NOT enter any vehicles unless one of the following criteria is met:
      • You were given permission to do so.
      • Your class is a vehicle driver or pilot and you've been ordered to board the vehicle.
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