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Discussion in 'Minecraft: Feed The Beast' started by DanteJPX, Jan 7, 2014.

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  1. DanteJPX

    DanteJPX New Member

    I just started playing in the FTB server and i noticed that some basic plugins are missing (sethome for example). I think you should get at least that and towny or golden shovel for protection. Also it would be nice if you could make something at the spawn. Finally i think it would be appropiate to get a mining age (it would be nice that it had only 1 dense ores so it can speed up the resource collecting process) so people can quarry there and the overworld does not start to look ugly because of all the holes.
  2. Funar

    Funar Administrator
    Staff Member A3 Team Member A3 Team Officer

    Great suggestions!

    /home set and /home are there - it's a relatively new addition (as in earlier this morning when we updated to 1.0.4)

    Towny and/or Golden Shovel are planned for post-beta, but we're hesitant to install them now with all the changes the FTB team have been making to Monster. We'd like to wait for the updates to slow down and become more stable.

    With our whitelisting policy and aggressive backups, we'd prefer to keep the game as non-restrictive as possible. However, as always, we listen to the community. If there's enough interest in it, we'll add it.

    Spawn definitely needs a welcome center. Totally agree.

    The mining age is a good idea too. I'm not keen on huge quarry holes all over either. Twilight Forest ends up looking like a nuke went off before long. I'll look into this one. That said, I also don't want to make game progression occur too quickly. Mining ages tend to ramp people up too fast, but that's only my opinion.
  3. Toxicblood5

    Toxicblood5 New Member

    Well its not hard to start Mystcraft really fast in single player. But having a Mining Age, still means people have to get resources before mining with a quarry.
  4. Funar

    Funar Administrator
    Staff Member A3 Team Member A3 Team Officer

    True... True...

    If we do implement the mining age, we won't be adding any of the dense ores to it.
  5. Toxicblood5

    Toxicblood5 New Member

    Well once players start using the Laser's, then there will be no reason to even use Quarry's.
  6. Toxicblood5

    Toxicblood5 New Member

    So as I am noticing, adding a command to lock our items from people that we may not trust would be helpful. Also a way to keep the locked but allow our friends to get in them also would be nice. Helps from people trying to "Steal" our stuff
  7. Funar

    Funar Administrator
    Staff Member A3 Team Member A3 Team Officer

    This is where Towny and/or other protection systems come into play. Unless there's a huge demand for it, I'd rather not complicate gameplay too much and trust that those that want to play can follow the rules of the system. That said, we'll look into other mods to add to the server once Monster is out of beta.
  8. Toxicblood5

    Toxicblood5 New Member

    Sounds fine to me, thanks.

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