Changes to FTB Monster 1.0.9 Server

Discussion in 'Minecraft: Feed The Beast' started by Funar, Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. Funar

    Funar Administrator
    Staff Member A3 Team Member A3 Team Officer

    We attempted an update to 1.0.10 which ended up in failure...utter failure.

    Instead, the following changes have been made to the FTB Server (still running 1.0.9):

    BetterStorage - Disabled
    XACT - Disabled

    SpecialMobs - Enabled
    ThaumicTinkererKAMI_j6 - Enabled

    Please take note of this as you will have to disable and enable the mods above in your client to connect.
  2. DanteJPX

    DanteJPX New Member

    Got ID mismatch :(

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