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Hello Gamers,

Today I am going to talk little about Starcraft and the new game, Legacy of the Void. If you are a Starcraft fan, you have been waiting on this release for some time now. The Terran and the Zerg factions have gotten a lot of love from Blizzard, but now its time for the Protoss to get the same love. If you have not seen the trailer here is the link to it.

In the past the Protoss have lost almost each and every time, They may win the battles but they keep losing the wars. Well, I hope now is the time that the Protoss finally get the chance to drop the hammer and finally say they have had enough, this far and no further. Amon may have whispered of this from the stars, but he is about to face the full force of the Protoss, and from the ending of Heart of the Swarm, the entire Zerg swarm. I don't know about anyone else, but when you piss off the Protoss and the Zerg, and they are both fighting you ..... you are doing something very wrong. And don't count out the Terran forces either, you can bet that Jim Raynor is going to come to the aid of Kerrigan. Even though so much has changed, he still loves that woman, and will continue to move heaven and earth for her.

Some of the things that really excite me about this new addition to the story, is the story its self. I cannot wait to see how Kerrigan, Artanis, and Jim Raynor are going interact with each other. How the upgrades to the protoss faction are going to enhance the race and the story. So many questions, and not enough answers. Like how the Arkships are involved, and what that looks like, and that kind of enemy are we going to be facing? That particular part has been pretty hush hush. But very exciting.

Well that is my little bit on the new Starcraft game.