MG Arma 3 Team Recruitment

Who Are We?

We’re a small community of gamers who have been playing games together for several years. We’re more commonly known from our YouTube Channel and Arma 3 series of videos. We’re a friendly bunch and welcome new members with open arms. While the faces may have changed over the years, MG has existed since 1994. Joining us is easy.  We just ask you become a member of our forums where you’ll gain access to our private discussion groups, and our Discord server where most of our discussion occurs. From there, we’ll talk more formally about our Arma 3 Team and getting more involved with the community.


What does it take to join?

Our existing members just need to get to know you a little better is all. We do this via these forums, our Discord server, and just “hanging out.” We’re more than just a group of people who play together. We’re a close-knit family of gamers who have gotten to know one another both in and out of games. We welcome new people with open arms, but out style may not suit everyone.  So, we ask you to follow a simple recruitment process, or “honeymoon period” if you will. The “honeymoon” could be as short as a couple days to a week. It’s very informal.

How can I play Arma 3 With you?

Once the “honeymoon” is over, you’ll be invited to join the team. We try to get together weekly for a 1-3 hour session of Arma 3 fun. If you’ve ever seen our YouTube or Twitch Channel, you know already what you could be getting into. 

Step 1: Create an MG Community account

Step 2: Complete the MG Arma 3 Team recruitment form

What Then?

One of the MG A3 Team officers will be in touch with you as soon as we can!